Sunday, December 28, 2008


Another new Year in IT

2008 has been quite a ride, I look forward to what 2009 has in store for us. In 2008, Varrow grew from 5 employees to 20 and we added a great number of new customers and greatly improved our vendor relationship status with Citrix, VMWare and EMC.

In 2009, we will continue to be focused on Virtualization, Storage and Disaster Recovery. There may be a few new technologies that get added to our focus list but we will continue to distinguish ourselves from the competition be keeping a laserbeam focus on continually improving our core competencies.

If 2008 was the year of storage centralization and server virtualization beginnings, then I think 2009 will be the year of application and desktop virtualization beginnings and server virtualization standardization. Our customers will also contine to improve their business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Our customers seem to have the same common goals in 2009 as in 2008:

They want to:

1 - Simplify Operations

2 - Go Green

3 - Go Faster

4 - Have Peace of Mind

5 - Continually Improve

I think we are poised to deliver upon these goals.... leveraging our experience, relationships and our focus on delivering quality solutions and exceptional customer service.

Our plans for continued success:

Continue to...

Be passionate about what we do
Be flexible and quickly adapt as new disruptive technologies emerge
Work harder and smarter than the next guy
Take extra special care of our customers
Give back to the community
Always look for ways to improve operations and process
Surround ourselves with great people with similar goals and motivations

Here's to a New Year!

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