Thursday, August 19, 2004


Print appointment with attendee status - Fix Bug in Outlook when printing another users calendar

Have you ever needed to open someone elses calendar and look at one of their appointments and then print it. Well, neither have I but one of my customers is a law firm and their paralegals print out lawyer appointments and put them in a file to give to their lawyers. So in outlook 2003, they open the lawyers shared personal calendar and open the appt in question and press the print button. The appointment that comes out is correct but instead of the Title at the top of the page being 'Joe Lawyer', the title is 'Nancy Paralegal' because Nancy is the person who actually initiated the print job I guess or the print template does a lookup of the current outlook user and uses that as a title.

That is dumb. Why not look at the organizer of the appt and make that name the title.

Anyway, this little bit of VBA macro code does just that. I have it working on outlook 2003. To bypass the security window, I use 'Express ClickYes' from

This vba macro requires microsoft word.

Another benefit aside from fixing the 'WRONG USER IN TITLE BUG' is that this script also lists out all attendees and their response. This only applies to messages where multiple attendees have been invited.

I think this is a fixup of one of Sue Mosher's scripts by the way. Anyway, it is very nice.

I also added 3 lines of code to make this macro automatically print the document and close word when it is done.

My additions are

SaveChanges:=False objWord.Quit

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